Friday, 7 February 2014


Ah, February! The month of Fashion Week, Valentines Day, loved ones Birthdays, Chinese New Year, Black History month (Well, in America), plus loads more! It may be the shortest month, but there sure is a lot going on!
But, for now, let just focus on London Fashion Week, my fave! 
I plan to be there for one day of fashion and some street style snapping with my one of my best friends who does photography, so I am looking forward to that!

I threw this outfit together one evening. What do you guys think? Yes, I'm still a sucker for my blacks and whites haha. I just feel they make the perfect bold statement and create a lovely silhouette!
Speaking of blacks and whites, I did a little bit of online shopping and ordered some new pieces that I look forward to showing you all soon. 

Other than that, how have you all been? It's been a lil while :-) Hope you have all been well. I soooo want to follow some cool new blogs! Please leave your blog web addresses below if I am not already following you x

Blazer & White Jeans - Topshop // Heels & T-shirt - Primark // Watch - Marc Jacobs // Necklace -

Tolu x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I love this cute little mini skirt. It has a lovely Christmassy touch with all its metallic detailing and although I hardly ever wear skirts, I couldn't let this one go. 
I'm really into simple and minimalistic colours at the moment, so I paired it with a comfy knitted jumper. I've had these boots for a very long time, they’re from eBay. They were originally featured in my “Black & Gold” blog post a while ago.

I love this outfit because it’s so comfortable and versatile, as you can wear it in the night and the day. Don’t worry; I added some winter layering pieces to stay warm :-)

I was caught off guard in the last pic! Ha, I'm not sure what I was doing but hey! Thank you to the photographer :D

Jumper and Skirt - Topshop // Boots - eBay // Watch - Marc Jacobs // Chain - Aura LDN*

@Love_Tululah x

Monday, 16 December 2013


"Peace + Love captures the art of beautiful simplicity. Confident and knowing in essence, its clean aesthetic is evocative of peace. It's physical nature constructed with a higher premium and assembled with love. Each item is limited edition and exclusive to Missguided. Introducing the re-birth of the Peace + Love collection"

Missguided have launched a brand new capsule collection just in time for Christmas period and I absolutely love every single piece!
I particularly love the minimalist colours used and beautiful silhouettes each piece creates. Each piece is named after a top super model and evokes a sense of simplicity.
The overall collection gives off a very unique & masculine but chic aura and I couldn't wait to experience some garments one on one.

I decided to order two of my fave pieces from the collection after drooling over them for some time.
I chose the "Tor Leatherette Bralette" and the "Daria Loose Fit Jumpsuit" in Matte Grey. I was also able to get Free Next Day delivery which was an awesome plus*!
When I received the items I was very surprised and pleased with their quality. It is evident that the pieces are indeed made with higher premium materials and constructed with true love.

I can't wait to style each piece! Do you guys have any suggestions for some pieces that I could use to complete an outfit with what I bought?

@Love_Tululah x

*(Order before 9:30pm GMT to receive free next day delivery. Use the code XMASFREE at the checkout!)

Monday, 25 November 2013


Hello everyone! How have you all been? I hope that you all enjoyed your weekends.

I'm so excited to be blogging once again on FM, it's been a little while. I know I've been very silent on here but I do look forward to sharing a few bits on here with you!

It was always on my mind to update my blog a lot sooner but I never ever got round to it (naughty). It's crazy how the months have just flown by! What have you all been up to?

Just a little update for you all; although I've been silent, I've been learning A LOT! I've been planning a few exciting ventures, attending great lectures/events, learning how to speak Mandarin, whilst working full-time in my new role as a Marketing Manager for a B2B company (Business to Business). I must say, the past few months have been very fun. I'm much more excited to see what next year has to offer.

Last week, I also attended a press day event for the new on-line brand "Cage City" (read more here). It was so great to meet the team, take some pics and learn more about what they represent.

I also did a little bit of a haul (post coming soon) and found this holographic clutch in Toppers! I know it's looks a little Sci-Fi but I just can't get enough of it. It was only £15 so I grabbed it straight away.

I have some great posts coming up for you all BUT what would you guys like to see more of on my blog? Perhaps your ideas can inspire more posts!

Crop Top, Blazer, Clutch - Topshop // Necklace - Aura LDN // Heels - Primark // Cropped Jeans - Primark (Mens) // Watch - Marc Jacobs

Tolu x


I was so happy to receive an invite to attend the press day for the new on-line store, Cage City last week. I had seen them on Twitter and I looked forward to learning a little more about them.

Cage City are a brand that represents our inner young and ‘stylish free spirit’. They showcase the best in one off, vintage and handmade clothes all designed by up and coming creative designers .

The event was held in Charing Cross in the Underground Galleries. The location really reflected the brand and the designers collections perfectly. The team were extremely friendly, I met with Lois who showed me through the collection and explained more about the brand.  They had both their AW13 & SS14 collections on display for us all to look through and take some pics. I loved the quirky twist that all their pieces had and I was able to pick out a few that I liked (photographed).

There was so much to do like create your own custom beanie hat, get your nails painted with cool nail decals and of course have a few drinks & mingle. 
I spent a (little) while helping myself to their vintage-style pick and mix sweet selection (Typical Tolu). Who remembers Fizz Wiz dipping lollipops in the picture above? I used to love these! They also gave me a lovely goody bag which had some cute bits and bobs inside.

Here are 5 items that I have picked from their site that I would definitely rock. Click to see what they look like - what do you guys think?

1 Going for Baroque Jumper  by Mink Pink
2 Galatica Dress by Style Stalker
4 Frontin Maxi Dress by Style Stalker
5 Triple Swirl Shirt by Evil Twin

Visit their website at: CageCity. Let me know your feedback :-)

Tolu x